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The Tempo Database

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Nancy has changed lives more than she could ever know. Her willingness to give folks a chance to prove their worth to themselves as well as the industry makes the differnce for so many in this changing world.

It’s a great time to think Tempo. Nancy is solving problems and thinking big. Its an honor to be part of this awesome team.

Between your work opportunities and the amazing upstart of Tempo Think Tank during the unprecedented time last year, you are a total rock star to us freelancers.”

I’m so in awe and thankful for everything you’re doing to help our friends get work.”

Yes! I’ve done 2 tempo events so far and both have been great. Thank you Nancy!”

The Tempo Slack Channel

Collaborate with peers, share what you’re up to, get to know others in the industry, and learn a few tips and tricks of the trade.

Join us in the Slack channel!

I’m so in awe and thankful for everything you’re doing to help our friends get work.”

Thank you again for all you do and being the connector and cheerleader for all of us. I am forever grateful!”

Nancy has done more for the free lance community of folks who have the desire and drive to grasp virtual events than anyone else out there. Thank you for the opportunities, thank you for what you do.”

I love that you put all of this together. It’s invaluable for our industry.”

YOU are amazing! What you’ve ‘built from scratch’! You are a rock STAR.”

You’ve got something seriously special here, Nancy, you are really bringing together some of the best I’ve ever met in the industry. Thank you SO much for Tempo

The Tempo Think Tank

Every quarter you can join your peers on a collaborative Zoom call with a focused topic and typically an expert speaker.

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I learn something significant and new every time I attend the Tempo Think Tank…it’s an opportunity to share timely, real-life, boots-on-the-ground information and gain valuable insight from those working in the industry.”

You can’t get this information anywhere else. In one word: priceless!”

If it weren’t for this valuable resource, I don’t think I would be back to work right now. I am forever grateful for our weekly calls to stay relevant, connect with colleagues and learn in real time about how our industry has changed.”

Like most of us, when the pandemic hit I was out of work. I had the additional challenge of having a newborn at home. 2020 made me nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a changing industry. The Think Tank gave me the tools and the education to pivot with the rest of the production world to a virtual atmosphere.”

It was so eye-opening having some ‘hands on’ experience, to really tangibly understand what its like to be part of this whole new world!”

It’s such an honor to be included among so many fabulous people and I’m looking forward to keep learning and being able to share any and all information that I can to help others!”

Thank you for putting together these discussions! I just so enjoyed seeing so may familiar faces having great conversations and sharing information and advice!”