Tempo Live Events has been a consistent consultative and tactical resource for our teams for over a decade. Nancy has a deft ability to understand the needs of a program and identify the optimal talent to ensure success. Tempo is and will continue to be a great partner of Nth Degree.

Jesse Meyer

Vice President Client Success, Nth Degree

Tempo has shown such diligence and care in responding to and predicting our needs, always presenting thoughtful staffing solutions that fit our service standards and our internal culture. Nancy’s formidable relationships across the industry have opened L37 Creative to a new world of scalability that has changed the way we operate and serve our customers. She/they are a critical piece of our growth and sustainability, and I hope it remains that way for years to come.

Evan Thompson

Director of Live Events, L37 Creative

Oh my – how lucky am I to have called you, and that you were able to get me 3 truly amazing, extraordinary ladies – oh my!!!  I can’t not say enough wonderful things about Amy, Rachel or Suzanne!  

As soon as we got through our production meeting Tuesday morning, I knew right then and there that it was going to be an amazing week – and they did not disappoint.

Catherine Innes

Executive Producer, Freeman XP

I have known Nancy but this was my first opportunity to work with Tempo. It was marvelously seamless and I especially appreciated being able to communicate with multiple producers through a single point of contact. Being a producer myself I sometimes had that special feeling of actually being a client! All the producers were excellent and functioned as integrated members of the InVision team.

Corey Burton

Producer, InVision

Just wanted to say thanks for sending us Stephanie. She did a great job working with our execs on some pretty intricate and ever-changing content right up until the last minute – she was truly great.  Thank you for always sending us such quality people!  

Very much appreciated!

Dahlia Cohen

Producer / Production Manager, The Production Network

Your team was beyond incredible – each of them hustled and rose to the occasion amidst not the easiest of circumstances. Everyone on your team was professional and polite!

Florencia Sadler

Director, Production, NVE Experience Agency

Neil was an amazing addition to our team. His work as a teleprompter operator was excellent, he did a great job of calming the CEO who was doing his first event in the US as CEO.  More than that, however, was Neil’s amazing team spirit he displayed on this job. I can’t say enough positive things about him. Thank you very much for sending us such a great talent!

Norm Piaskowski

Vice President, Production Resource Group

Nancy, thank you for being on our team all these years. It is so great to have someone who is a consummate professional on board. You always smile, you never lose your cool – whether on court in the booth. You’re always keeping an eye on everything. It’s an annual ritual that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I couldn’t get through it without you.

Michael T. Fiur

Executive Producer, US Open Entertainment

Nancy’s leadership has been a huge asset to our events. Her attention to detail and uncanny ability to bring out the best in her crew have helped grow the Great Outdoor Games and X Games into the mega-events that they are today.

Michelle Merwitzer

Director Event Production, ESPN Original Entertainment

Thank you so much for stepping in and making yourself indispensable. This proposal will be helped immensely by your presence and assistance. You rock!

Scott Berlin

Chief Operating Officer, G&R Live

Nancy’s tireless efforts to help make a better show were much appreciated by the entire production staff. From now on, I won’t go live without her.

Robert K. Weiss

Executive Producer, X PRIZE Telecast / Webcast

Nancy is a person who can lead her team to get it done under any circumstance. I knew I could always count on Nancy to produce a great show during the many challenges of the Speed Skating events of the 2002 Olympics.

Tom W. Cornwall

General Manager Ice Venues, 2002 Winter Olympic Games