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Short on People?

No need to hire a full-time employee for this ONE project. Our pool of contractors are happy to jump in and save the day one project at a time! They are used to new clients around every corner. They can adapt quickly to new environments and personalities and they can easily assimilate as one of your own!

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Scope of Work Expanded?

Great problem to have, right? We’ve got your back. Our Tempo Team can expand and grow with you. With over 850 contractors in our database, we probably have who and what you need.

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No Time to Vet Freelancers?

We’ve done that for you. Every single Tempo team member has been vetted as a top tier event professional having either worked on a show with us or someone we trust. Most importantly, these team members are NICE (and more than likely fun!) They are only as good as their last gig and they keep getting gigs because they are GREAT!

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Need a Local Hire?

Save on travel expenses! With over 850 contractors in our database we can cover most major cities in the US so hotels, airfare and travel expenses can be spared from your budget.

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How Can We Help?

Tempo team members have been on the ground and in the trenches working SKOs, NSMs, conferences, concerts, sporting events, trade-shows, product launches, award shows and more. You name it, they’ve done it, and their resumes prove it.

Front of House

Event Producers

Stage Managers
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Audio Engineers

Lighting Designers


Technical Directors

Deck Managers

Graphic Operators
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Teleprompter Operators

Media Server Operators

Video Directors

Makeup Artists


Voiceover Artists



(all types)

Show Callers

Technical Directors

Green Room Managers

Zoom Moderators

Production Office

Executive Producers

Show Producers

Creative Producers

Content Producers

Breakout Producers

Associate Producers

Production Coordinators

Production Managers

Tempo has shown such diligence and care in responding to and predicting our needs, always presenting thoughtful solutions that fit our service standards and our internal culture. Nancy’s formidable relationships across the industry have opened L37 Creative to a new world of scalability that has changed the way we operate and serve our customers. She/they are a critical piece of our growth and sustainability, and I hope it remains that way for years to come.

Evan Thompson

Director of Live Events, L37 Creative

Vision Statement:

To be the event industry’s solution to event production contracting where event agencies can quickly and easily find the best freelancers on the planet and a place where freelancers can acquire more work to support their independent lifestyles!

Our Story:

Nancy Spooner
Founder and CEO

Event Producer, Stage and Deck Manager
30+ Years in Production

Tempo. The neighborhood I grew up in, located in the Southern California High Desert: A community rich in collaboration and cooperation. 

Kathy made delicious holiday Knefla (German dumplings). Karen taught us piano. Betty’s teenagers babysat all of us younger kids on the street.  Donna acted as the neighborhood-watch, sharp eyes from the only two-story house on the cul-de-sac. My mom and her green thumb shared the prolific harvest every summer. 

Kick-the-Can was played every summer night under the street lights.

From a young age I learned life is much more joyful and productive when people work together, support one another, and share unique talents and treasures. 

Tempo Live Events, Inc. was born in 2008. The name an obvious choice because the company I founded breathes the same philosophy as my childhood neighborhood. We are a collection of live event freelance professionals supporting production companies and most importantly each other. 

Welcome to the Tempo neighborhood!

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